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Testimonials for JoAnne


JoAnne reminds me of why I still want a travel advisor and not just an internet site. Her personal touch and desire to make sure I am 100% satisfied with my travel plans guarantees my business for years to come.

David Roy – Best Version Media

★★★★★ I really appreciate your assistance in planning our upcoming vacation. You're always a wealth of information and made the booking process so simple.

Thanks JoAnne!

Jenna MacQueen

JoAnne has planned a vacation for myself and my wife. Can't wait to let SeaDreams Travel send us away. Great Experience, with Great Pricing! Thank You

Ryan Bosworth 

We just returned from a wonderful vacation that JoAnne booked for my family. JoAnne was a pleasure to work with throughout the planning process. I even got a phone call the day before we left from JoAnne asking if we needed anything at all just to call. The trip was perfect. THANKS JOANNE!!!

From: Jenna MacQueen - MacQueen Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Inc.

Dear Joanne,

I wanted to also pass on a thank you note for taking care of us so many times and helping with organizing our family vacations! These vacations are really special for us as we get together once a year and your help is much appreciated! I know we are probably not the easiest group to accommodate as we usually need multiple rooms and there are three generations of us :) I genuinely want to thank you for taking care of so many details, from locations of the rooms to welcome gifts :)

To anyone looking for a travel agent,

I have never used a travel agent before Joanne as we usually plan everything on our own and purchase vacation packages online. However, international cruises can be little more complicated, especially when you have multiple family members traveling. I would highly recommend Joanne's expertise and help, as you will be helped promptly and efficiently. Joanne addresses any concerns and best of all - her help allows you to simply focus on your upcoming vacation and what to pack versus getting stressed over paperwork, arrangements, etc etc.

Thank you!!


A Great travel agent,

Really I never thought of using a travel agent, but was referred to Joanne from a family member, and gave it a try.  If you are trying to book more than one room, it i really nice to have the advice and support from Joanne.  I would highly recommend Joanne.  She will be honest and suggest the best timing and locations on the ships as well.  It also helps that Joanne also does a bit of cruising herself, which greatly helps to make good recommendations and suggestions.

Thank you again,


I do not only know JoAnne as a great friend, but as a business woman too.  I just recently had my sister come to visit me in the US from the UK for the first time ever and I wanted to give her a great time.  So I thought a 3 night cruise the Bahamas was perfect.  I knew that JoAnne was in the travel industry and I had no clue how to go about booking a cruise, so I did so with JoAnne's help. She went far above and beyond booking us a phenomenal Norwegian Cruise for 3 nights.  She got us a wonderful room with an ocean view and we also did the Dolphin Swim excursion on the island of Nassau which I highly recommend. I was not sure how to book that so JoAnne got it all booked for us.  If you are going on any vacation, JoAnne will make sure you have the best experience you could ever have.  Thank you so much JoAnne :-)

Nikki Eisnaugle
"The first wealth is  health "

When we went on my honeymoon to Moorea and Bora Bora we used JoAnne McCormack as our travel agent.

We gave her some information about what we wanted and she gave us several options that we might like.

She took care of everything for us including flights, hotel, transfers and excursions. The hotels were beautiful and just what we wanted.

When we were in JFK flying to LA, our flight was delayed. If fact, they said it was going to be cancelled, and I called JoAnne in a panic and didn’t know what to do.

She calmed me down and said there were thunderstorms across the country and we needed to wait and see if they dissipated.

Finally, our flight took off but we would miss out connecting flight in LA for Tahiti. I didn’t know what to do, but JoAnne assured me that she would take care of everything. She told me to get a nice hotel in LA and enjoy the day with my new bride and to save all my receipts since we had purchased travel insurance.

She notified the hotel on Moorea that we would be in a day later, rebooked us on the next flight from LA to Moorea, cancelled an excursion we had booked and made sure the ferry knew when to pick us up.

All went very smoothly and we did not have to disrupt our honeymoon to take care of all the changes since JoAnne did that for us.

When we returned home, JoAnne helped us fill out all the information the insurance company needed to get us a refund on the delayed part of our trip.

I don’t know what we would have done if we hadn’t had JoAnne to take care of us. She made sure our honeymoon was everything we wanted it to be.

She did a wonderful job and I highly recommend her. Her services are invaluable.

Philip A. Penta

Good morning JoAnne,

Thank you very much for all your help with it all. You are definitely a true professional and I'm so glad we have met. I will make sure that everyone I come in touch with that is traveling to share your info with them.

I look forward to hear from you soon.

Best regards,


I met with JoAnne McCormack and her colleague Gerri Augustine. I was impressed with their expertise in all travel related issues. I also became aware that they have access to a great network where they are able to find great deals and specials for their clients. But what really sets them apart is the red carpet customer service they provide which makes them far superior to many of the faceless internet sites people use for travel. Before you book a trip call JoAnne.

Sean Stinger

When I met JoAnne for the first time at a networking luncheon she absolutely stood out as a person with integrity. While speaking with her I knew that I'd definitely recommend her for any type of vacation. She can do it all! Soon after, I called her to help plan a trip to Europe.

JoAnne listened to my ideas and made this experience very pleasant. She worked diligently to find the best options which would create an incredible experience.

For anyone who is looking to travel you really need to call JoAnne McCormack. She absolutely has your best interest at heart and enjoys creating a first class experience to the destination of your dreams.

Laraine Sacco


I just wanted to thank you again for helping to book my bachelorette party. I apologize for all of the confusion my bridesmaids may have caused. I truly appreciate your kindness, guidance, and willingness to help us through this process. Thank you again for everything.

Alyia Smith-Parker